A New Beginning

December 11, 2008



It’s been a long time since my words have graced the blogosphere. Feels good. My last attempt at writing a music blog was halted by a vicious attack– I was the victim of a ridiculously unnecessary hacker who apparently had nothing better to do than to screw around with some guy’s music site. Seriously, what the fuck. The only image on the screen I was left with was an html-coded picture of hyphy movement originator Mac Dre. Awesome.

Well without further ado (but please pray for this blog’s survival), let’s get down to busnasss. I first heard Dekker & Johan do their thing on “Brooklyn,” but I never respected their ability until I heard their subtle shuffle on piano rock legends (jk) The Hours’ “Can You See the Light.” The remix isn’t very dynamic, but I could honestly listen to that same delicate electronic jumble until I leave this planetttt. Bliss might be the only word to describe it. Or genius. Yeah, maybe genius.

The Hours – “Can You See the Light (Dekker & Johan remix)”


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