The Very Best

December 11, 2008


It’d be a pretty fair assessment to say that remixes are the new covers, but few remixes ever hit the spot quite like a new adaptation of a classic. On their new mixtape entitled The Very Best and first time collaborating (let us hope this is not the last), Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit get all African on us, and deliver an compromisingly beautiful take on “Birthday,” the original sung by a band that you just don’t cover cause they’re aint’ anywhere to go but down. The fabulous foursome, who recorded “Birthday” on the White Album, would be rolling in their graves to know that someone, finally, has outdone them.

The Very Best’s version of the song is, well, the very best version of the song. From the opening seconds, you can tell this is no normal cover. A big hint might be that they aren’t singing in English. Layered with gorgeous synths, beautiful echoing vocals and that unmistakably tribal vibe that only Africa can give you, “Birthday” has been reborn, and recorded how it should have sounded

The Very Best (Esau Mwamwaya & Radioclit) — “Birthday”

The rest of the mixtape is filled with equally amazing and dynamic covers, from Aaliyah to M.I.A to indie queens Vampire Weekend. Download the whole thing for free here at their myspace, and be sure to note the Lion King inspired album art. Awesome.


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  1. […] first talked about The Very Best, the unlikely collaboration between producers Radioclit and Malawi musician Esau […]

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