Dream On

December 12, 2008


There are few things more pleasing than Robyn’s angelic voice. Whether it be her verse on Snoop Dogg’s “Sexual Eruption” remix, or producer Kleerup’s massive tune, “With Every Heartbeat” that was also featured on Robyn’s most recent outing, Robyn. But we never had Robyn with us in the clubs– that is, until now. The original track “Dream On” was produced by Christian Falk and had Robyn’s vocals sparking the tune, but there was clearly room for improvement.

How to jump the song to the next level? Ahh, just call up Moto Blanco, ask him to do a remix, and what do you have? The most refreshingly lighthearted club tune of the year, backed by Robyn’s voice as it effortlessly glides to the climactic dreammm onnnn. Time to be the hotly tipped dj you always thought you were, and throw down this track at your next rager. People won’t know how the gentle, Swedish Robyn just tore apart their souls, but it will.

Christian Falk ft. Robyn — “Dream On (Moto Blanco remix)”


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