Introducing… Goldfish

December 15, 2008


From a far away land, deep in the jungle where the lion sleeps tonight, rests South African juggernauts Goldfish, a jazz-trained duo with some of the most uniquely personalized electronic-pop fusion that hovers somewhere between atmospheric house and straight pop. But good lord are they great.

Their jazz background is prevalent in their “Mbira Beat” which opens with a lonely piano before the snares, chimes and synths kick in. It’s an electronic jam session along the lines of Lemon Jelly, but there’s some indescribable charm to this music that is unmatched in today’s crop of artists. Take for instance, the killer “Soundtracks and Come Backs,” which is on the verge of becoming my favorite song of December, and could earn a golden spot in any DJ set worth anything. It opens up with a funky bass line, reminiscent of that Ocean’s 11 background/transition music scored by David Holmes. It’s not until the 1:47 mark that the song really breaks convention and reaches new heights of pure unadulterated awesomeness. The “Hearts on Fire” type horns scream as the bass drops and becomes a lesson in how to craft the most dynamic, heart-pumping song to come out in ages. Let’s hope these South Africans make it stateside sometime soon

Goldfish– “Soundtracks and Come Backs”


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