Love to Edit

December 21, 2008


The last quarter of 2008 has seen a remix juggernaut fly from the depths of obscurity to mainstream success, and for remix team Crookers, its about fucking time. I honestly cannot remember the last artist to put out a stream of material so consistently incredible, and Crookers has not slept on this opportunity to achieve legendary greatness. After their remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day N’ Nite”, which has been igniting dancefloors from here to Timbuktu for the last several months, Crookers seized the opportunity to surge the blogosphere with an unprecedented amount of bad-ass remixes that have the signature Crookers sound of pure electro bliss.

Brodinski’s “Bad Runner” gets the Crookers treatment, and the result is a endlessly repeatable dance tune that explores the definition of a dancefloor anthem. The bounce is unstoppable, the melody unparalleled, and the most progressive and unlikely song to blast from the club’s speakers all year comes at us with uncompromised energy.

Brodinski — “Bad Runner (Crookers remix)”

Chromeo’s “Fancy Footwork” has been remixed by everyone, you and your mom, so it comes as no surprise then that Crookers decided to have a try at altering an already classic tune. But, as Crookers do often, the remix trumps the original in all ways possible. The funk of the Chromeo’s original track is saved and emitted through that signature Crookers bounce with the occasional shout of “fancy footwork” that keeps the song in line. When it drops, it drops. The whole room knows they’ve just been giving a tune from the heavens, and it’d be straight rude not to dance til dawn with this.

Chromeo — “Fancy Footwork (Crookers remix)”

Believe me, I’m well aware that I’m the 10000th blogger to give my praise to Crookers, but this blog just wouldn’t be legitimate unless these two songs got their spot.


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