The Night is Getting Louder

December 21, 2008


The Presets never seem to rest. Between their two full length LP’s, constant output of EP’s, remixes and singles, everyone’s favorite second or third favorite Australian party-starters never seem to disappear long enough for us to miss them. But this time they’ve come back with an army of an hypnotically-charged epic, brought to even higher levels by the Still Going remix. “Anywhere,” the newest song to come out of the Presets camp is a slow burner, and never really maximizes its potential. The remix however, is a different story.

For the first three and a half minutes, the song slowly builds upon a simple loop that puts the listener in a trance, unable to escape. The song never climaxes into a full on dance anthem which has become quite customary for the Presets folk, but there’s something incredibly hypnotizing about the simplistic, powerful drive that the song takes you on. It’s worth it to listen to it in all its seven minutes and forty-two seconds, and you’ll be emotionally exhausted afterwards.

The Presets — “Anywhere (Still Going remix)”


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