What Has The Nightbird Been Listening to?

May 21, 2009


It’s been a few fortnights since I’ve checked in, and I must say, I didn’t miss you guys that
First up is Azealia Banks, a Harlem girl who claims she writes rhymes like a drunken sailor. She’s not that far off, but she’s not giving herself enough credit. Her breathless flow bounces its way across a version of Ladytron’s “Seventeen.” It’s hard to listen to the original track without missing Miss Banks’ touch. Keep an eye out for her, it’s rare this talent has gone unnoticed this long. much. But you probably missed me, so here I am, ready and willing to divulge what’s been passing through my ears recently. It’s quite an eclectic selection, but trust me when I tell you each and every tune here is more than worth your time.

Azealia Banks – “Seventeen”

We jump genres a bit to an unlikely collaboration between recently-unmasked Burial and Four Tet. Both artists have consistently churned out some of the most original sounding material in drum n’ bass and electronic music, so a joint EP between the two makes for an enticing prospect. It sounds, well, pretty much like you would expect the baby of Burial and Four Tet to sound like– shrouded in heavy bass, “Moth” twinkles along behind the sweet-sounding lullaby that is surely Four Tet’s addition. It’s a 9 minute epic, but patience pays off.

Burial & Four Tet- “Moth”

I never said this was all brand-spanking new songs, but rather what I’ve been listening to lately. So this track from electro bangers Thunderheist should please all who seek it out, regardless of when it was released. “Sueños Dulces” samples the legendary Eurythmics track, “Sweet Dreams.” Thunderheist throw some intensity on the tune and effortlessly rap the party tune of 2009 in spanglish. Awesome.

Thunderheist – “Sueños Dulces”


Some great new albums hit shelves the next few weeks. The Swedish minimalist mastermind The Field has his newYesterday and Today hitting stores May 25th, and it’s fantastic. Passion Pit’s debut Manners is a wonderful blend of electro-pop that emits the same joy MGMT did with “Kids” and “Time to Pretend.” Manners comes out May 19th.

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