I’ll Jump Now

May 23, 2009


I’m up in Northern California in Napa Valley where it’s wine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I swear it’s like water to these people, but who am I to complain. Accompanying me on this wee journey are The Legends and their newest outing, Over and Over. The Legends lived up to their name with their amazingly under-appreciating 2004 record Up Against the Legends which had some of the most remarkable shoe-gaze pop this side of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Some tracks on Over and Over like “Recife” and “Seconds Away” are overrun with heavy effects pedals, at times too heavy for full enjoyment, but on songs like “Jump,” The Legends breeze by with the right balance of melodic beauty shrouded in distortion. They may be on their way to reclaiming the rights to their band name.

The Legends – “Jump”


Head over to the Labrador Records site to grab your copy

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