Wait For Me

June 24, 2009


Long has Moby’s dance jams screamed through my speakers. His last album, Last Night, went criminally under the radar even for a big market name like his. The shiny-head DJ killled it at Ultra Music Festival in Miami this year, crushing bigger names like Guetta, Tiesto and MSTRKRFT. But for his latest album, Wait for Me, he decided to go an entirely different direction- these tunes are ripe for a lonely walk in the park, not the club like so much of his previous material. He himself has claimed that this is the only album since his first that he would actually enjoy listening to, and I can see why. Each track emits such a vibrant emotion, and plays off the prior with such grace that it is a crime not to listen to it in its entirety. I dare you to listen to this album without getting sucked in by its soul– whatever your mood was before you pressed play, I swear to you, it has changed dramatically, molded by Moby’s genius.

I’ve never had a harder time picking just one track to post– it’s like giving you one step of a ladder and asking you to imagine how high it goes. So, I’m giving two.

Moby – “Study War”

Moby – “Mistake”

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