What’s Going on Underneath Those Jeans?

August 28, 2009


Most of Javelin‘s tracks are lo-fi instrumental that are pleasant enough to listen to without paying much attention. Not surprisingly then, this gem about safe sex in this age of free lovin’ sticks out like a sore…something. I can’t even describe how great it is hear a chorus like

“Whats you symptom? and who’d u get that itch from?
Lets talk about it.
Herpes, aids, lets talk about it.
Crabs, scabies, syphilis, rabies, crazy shit beyond your laves,
Dont be shy, but unabashed, go ahead ask
Whats up with that rash?”

It’s a humorous take on some boring sex-ed lessons, and it’s greatly appreciated. There’s literally too many great lines to quote, so hear it for yourself. It’s the cleverest rhyme-scheme since “Thou Shalt Always Kill,” but without all the suppressed hatred.

Javelin – “STD Fury”

“I’m reppin’ B-More but I don’t like crabs that much.”

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