Electro Bliss

September 3, 2009


We’ve been in a state of recession in terms of electro music. House music, techno and other sub genres have seen mainstream interest the last couple of years, but some good ol’ dirrrrty grindin’ electro has been absent. Wolfgang Gartner has brought it back. As Justice did with their filtering of heavy metal into some sort of enjoyable groove, Wolfgang gives us his version of filthy electro that’s as jarring and captivating as anything those two cross-obsessed Frenchmen ever gave us.

On “Clap,” we’re treated to a mixture of some Deadmau5 sounding bass over an astoundingly danceable beat. But on “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony,” the fireworks erupt. An ambitious song title, he exceeds all expectation with his ‘remix’ of the classical masterpiece.

Wolfgang Gartner – “Clap”

Wolfgang Gartner – “Wolfgang’s 5th Symphony”

One comment

  1. Great blog man, your taste is incredible and has helped me find lots of really great music. Wolfgang Gartner is the man, personally I find him even more talented than Deadmau5, tracks like “Fire Power” really show his mastery at layering sound after sound to just overwhelm you. Check out “Montezuma” too, and be on the lookout for “Push and Rise” to be akin to Daft Punk’s Digital Love.

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