The Super Epic Mega-Post

October 8, 2009


Well. This is what happens– I don’t post for like a few days, then a couple more go by, and by that point, I start to get overwhelmed. Then a week goes by— then another, and by this point, it hurts to even look at this here blog without feeling ashamed, like I’ve abandoned my dog and stopped feeding her (don’t worry Chappy I’ll never do that). But then a spark of inspiration ignites a creative surge, and I just start writing until the paint peels off my keypad. This is what we like to call a megapost– hope it makes up for all the times I wasn’t there to feed you, and to my loyal readers (anyone? anyone?), I’m here for you.

This is really what happened. I’m currently living in Madrid, but before I got here, I spent two weeks traveling Europe. Those two weeks consisted of virtually non-stop moralistic dilemmas as I was merciless, unforgiving, and unremorseful towards my body in the pursuit of partying in Mykonos and Ibiza. I’m still recovering. But those two weeks, and the month I’ve spent here in Madrid has been indescribably amazing. Honestly, I’m experiencing unprecedented fun. And of course, there’s the music accompanying my journeys.

I’m not sure how keen I am on the new AIR album. Sure, it’s great background music– that’s a given with anything those frenchmen put out. But what differentiates their great material from their weaker tunes is just that- tracks like “Sexy Boy” and “Universal Traveler” are bits of magic that silence even the loudest of rooms. “So Light is Her Footfall,” from Love 2 is the closest the duo comes to matching anything off of Moon Safari’s brilliant set of tunes. I can imagine some heroin induced sex scene with this perverted music blaring in the background. Yes please.

Air – “So Light is Her Footfall”

Neon Gold Records first introduced me to the guys behind the Disney inspired synth-rock band The Sound of Arrows, but it’s the Fear of Tigers remix that takes the song to new and unexpected power. It’s epic, it’s joyful, it’s inspirational, and it doesn’t let down for one second. They should have played this song in Peter Pan as Wendy and Co. jump out, sprinkled with fairy dust. I can’t listen to this song with wanting to jump out the window (to try to fly– not kill myself).

The Sound of Arrows – “Into the Clouds (Fear of Tigers Remix)”

Also, check out this spectacular video the guys themselves made. Have you ever seen such a perfect visual reference for a tune?

My time in Mykonos and Ibiza also relit my passion (didn’t actually ever go away though…) for all things house music, and I’ve returned with some thumping, hard-hitting jams that will slay even the most pretentious douchebag with his arms crossed in the corner. First up is Klaas’ remix of everyone’s favorite only Haddaway song, “What is Love.” Sure, you might’ve been able to drop the Night at the Roxbury theme-song and gotten some love for it, but with Klaas’ additional hemorrhaging of the tune, it’s a sure thing.

Klaas Meets Haddaway – “What is Love 2k9 (Bodybanger’s Remix)

The other name in electronic music who seems to be everywhere I turn is Herve. His remix of Kidda’s “Under the Sun” still goes down as one of my top 5 favorite electro tunes of all time, and his newest club hit filters in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” for what can be aptly described as “Cheap Thrills.” Cheap or not, it’s well worth your time. Laidback Luke does remix duties here.

Herve – “Cheap Thrills (Laidback Luke Remix)”

I’m still unsure how I feel about Thom Yorke’s new solo material. It’s fucking weird, even for him. But his cover of Mark Mulcahy’s “All for the Best” highlights everything great about the Radiohead frontman. With this cover, we for once don’t have the bizarre and senseless Radiohead lyrics, and instead a true pop song that glides along with Thom’s voice, umatched in beauty. (Ed note–If in anyway I have seemingly dissed Radiohead here, please, forgive me– I would never do such a thing).

Thom Yorke – “All for the Best”

Okay, that’s it for now. Hope I’ve satisfied the hunger. Expect updates soon and often. The nightbird calls again.

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