It’s Always Too Loud

October 19, 2009


It’s not exactly fresh off the press, but every time I show this song to someone, they too are shocked at how this groovy, synth-laden track from Erlend Oye’s solo project, The Whitest Boy Alive, passed by the music-listening public without so much as a nod. It’s a cut above anything he’s produced under this moniker—better than “Golden Cage,” better than “Burning.” Yet, for some odd reason, “Courage” flew under the radar, entirely undeservedly. It bounces along a stinging guitar chord that would sound harsh and out of place in any other context, but The Whitest Boy Alive manages to keep the song afloat through the breezy, stuttering chorus. When you hear him yelp “courage” over and over, you CANNOT deny this track. Production layered with bells, guitars, synths, and topped with Oye’s sweet, sincere croon, “Courage” will be sitting high above my year-end list, and I can only hope others are sharing this love for such an irrefutably killer tune.

The Whitest Boy Alive – “Courage”



In other Erlend Oye news, his main project of Kings of Convenience just dropped a metaphorical bomb all over us in the form of Declaration of Dependence, the newest LP featuring Oye and his Norwegian pal Eirik Glambeck Boe. These guys dropping a bomb on us is the audible equivalent of a mouse screaming, but these acoustic duets are so sweet, pleasant and tasteful that their gentle melodies occupy as much space as any anthem U2 or Muse would release, but without the overly-produced nonsense that’s intended to hit an arena from wall to wall. The Kings show us how far — and how impressionable — so little can take us.

Kings of Convenience – “Mrs. Cold”


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