Getting The Hang Of It

October 21, 2009


Now that indie has undeniably broken through the mainstream walls, we can credit The Strokes for ushering in this newfound mass-appreciation. With their 2001 debut, Is This It, frontman Julian Casablancas told us what happened last night, and the world responded by launching this group of grungy lads through the hype machine and into inescapable popularity. Eight years later, and Casablancas’ spark is getting a new dose of fuel.

We all fell in love with immediately lovable “11th Dimension,” the first single from his forthcoming solo album, but the next track to enter the blogosphere does not have the same “you’ll like this song, or you have no soul” quality as its predecessor. “River of Brakelights” opens with dark and ominous sounds, and when Casablancas moans “we might be in for a late night, stuck in a lava flow of brakelights,” memories of the forgettable First Impressions of Earth haunt us. But have patience– the song turns a corner, picks up speed and intensity, and the guitar driven chorus reminds us why we fell in love with this guy in first place. The pleasing and bouncy synths on “11th Dimension” are missed, but it’s nice to know the man still knows how to play a riff.

Julian Casablancas – “River of Brakelights”


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