Arts & Cash

December 1, 2009

I worry that the new single from electronic masterminds Modeselektor will be criminally underappreciated. For all the greatness they’ve given us over the years, they still lag significantly behind hipper and more culturally relevant DJs. How sad it is that that stuff matters. “Art & Cash” is the clever little title of the duo’s latest outing. “Art” acts basically as an intro into “Cash,” but the ear-screeching racket of the former seems like almost a snide joke to see how much pain a human can withstand. Well, when “Cash” drops, all humor immediately subsides. The bass rolls furiously behind an unexpectedly likable groove, and climaxes into next year’s surprise dance hit. Guetta and Black Eyed Peas followers won’t be able to boogie to this tune—but fuck them. This shit is goooood.

Also, do not miss this phenomenal video for the track. It’s one of those videos in which, after you watch it, you cannot listen to the song without picturing it in your head. A visual stimulation for the ages.

Modeselektor – “Cash”

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