February 9, 2010

An ironic title to say the least, Four Tet‘s glitchy, uncomfortable “Sing” does everything except that. The only vocals are scattered, unidentifiable howls and yelps that are nothing more than layers of sonic beauty that make this mid-album tune stand out above the rest in the fascinating There Is Love In You. Though “Love Cry” made headlines as the first single (and I’ll be the first to sing its praises) “Sing” rides along a repetitive melody that steals your attention in ways only The Field can. It almost sounds like Kieran Hebden stumbled upon a winning twist of knobs, and just went with it to see where it would end up. Falling somewhere between a dance-able track and a contemplative, introspective minimalist song, “Sing” achieves a magnetic, transcendental sound that will you utterly shocked that such a simple arrangement can have such an effect on you.

Four Tet — “Sing”



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